Two executives were deep in a Highland forest, on an adventure weekend arranged by their firm. Neither had any real map-reading skills and they became separated from the other members of their team. All they knew was that the final rendezvous point was a remote pub called, ‘The Wee Stum Inn.’

They trudged through the woods for hours, hopelessly lost until the came to what looked like a fork in the forestry trail. They couldn’t agree on which path to take. Eventually, they decided to take one path each. They shook hands and resolved that the last man back to the pub would pay for the drinks.

Four hours later, the man that chose the correct fork was sitting at the pub fireside, enjoying his pint, when his friend staggered in. He was cut, bleeding, battered and bruised as if he had been mugged by a rugby team.

Once the men in the pub got the man settled, he explained, “I must have gone around in circles for hours, until I heard the sound of an idling car engine. I headed toward the sound and found a car in a clearing at the end of what looked like a ‘lovers lane’. The car windows were all steamed up and I couldn’t see who was inside, but I could hear more than one voice. So I thought that I could ask for directions and I knocked on the driver’s window. Now, the man in the car must have been a complete psychopath, because as soon as I asked him, ‘How far is the Wee Stump Inn? ' he jumped out of the car and beat the crap out of me!

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